Fairy and Troll Houses

Fairy House festivals occur throughout New England, and A Midsummer Dream will bring fairies and other tiny creatures to Lowell again in 2019! You can help by building a tiny house for them. Read on to learn more.

What can I use to build a Tiny House?

Fairy Houses are usually built only out of natural materials, but Lowell fairies and other tiny creatures have adapted to an urban environment and learned about Lowell’s many cultures! Therefore, both natural and “found” human-made materials are appropriate as long as they’re safe to touch, such as small bricks, bottles, bottlecaps, bolts, and light bulbs along with natural materials such as sticks, bark, dry grasses, pebbles, shells, feathers, pinecones, and moss. We encourage builders to explore legends and architectural traditions of many lands when building their exhibit!

The best way to build a house is to start with a base, like a plank of wood or large saucer. That will make it easy to carry to the event. When you install it outdoors, you can use grass, stone, twigs, or other natural materials to camouflage the base and make it look like it’s sitting right on the ground!

Make sure not to use any valuable materials, as we can not guarantee that your house will be returned. Don’t use any seeds of invasive species that could grow in our parks. Don’t use any sharp or dangerous materials, as although we instruct participants not to touch the houses, we can’t guarantee that children won’t touch the houses.

When do I install my Tiny House?

Fairy House structures must be installed in the “Tiny House Promenade” area downtown between 9 am and noon on the day of the event, Saturday, June 22. Available sites will be marked with small markers. When you arrive with your exhibit, you are required to find an open site along the promenade with the help of a volunteer. If you can’t come during the set-up time, contact info@diylowell.org to make alternate arrangements.

You can pick up the Tiny Houses any time after 8:30 pm on Saturday, June 22. If you can’t pick your house up at that time, we’ll pick it up and store it for you for one week. Contact info@diylowell.org if you won’t be able to pick your house up after the event.

What if there is bad weather?

Make sure your fairy house can stand up to breeze or light rain, as Midsummer Dream is rain or shine! The Tiny House Promenade event will be moved indoors in the case of bad weather and Tiny Houses will be set up on tables.

Sign your Fairy House!

Visitors will want to know who built each exhibit. In order to identify your exhibit along the Tiny House Promenade, please be sure to create a sign out of natural or found materials (i.e. handwriting on birch bark or old magazine paper glued to a stick) that lists all the names of everyone in your group. If the house has a name or title, please add that to the sign. Bring these signs with you and install them near your exhibit. We’ll have small signs to write on for those who forget.

What will I get for building a Tiny House?

All registered participants will be listed in the program and get special button badges identifying themselves as friends to tiny creatures when they check in. In addition, you’ll be entered into a raffle for great local prizes. Our expert panel of judges will also give award certificates in a large variety of categories for the fairy houses, so go for the gold!

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